From the recording Thy Kingdom Come

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I might as well speak my mind
You know me better than I know myself anyway
I don't like this test I'm in
It hurts and from where I stand
I can't see how soon it's gonna end
But I know that You are here
You said I'd never walk alone
Somehow through the pressure through the tears
My faith is growing stronger

This is where You're teaching me
This is where the roots grow deep
If I am still
Though I see a barren field
I long to hurry through this test
But I've learned thus far You know what is best for me
There are riches in the soil here in the valley

In this valley You are teaching me
Strength comes through weaknesses and through adversity
When my heart is on my sleeve
And my senses take their leave
I find myself crumbling at Your feet
Then I see Your nail scarred hands
Well acquainted with my pain
I'm reminded through this brokenness
I take on Your righteousness

I long to run I long to fly
But first I must learn to just put one foot in front of the other
Take it one day at a time
To see the beauty in the rain
To learn the lesson through the pain
That is rooting me in the knowledge
That Your ways are so much higher than mine