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It’s Christmas
  • It’s Christmas
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  1. I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
  2. Give Your Smile Away
  3. Worship Messiah
  4. It's Christmas (The Cookie Song)
  5. A New Carol (Carol of the Bells)
  6. Mary Did You Know
  7. Good News
  8. The Sweetest Story Told (I'll Never Know)
  9. Miracle of Miracles
  10. Christmas in Dixie
  11. Sweet Little Jesus Boy
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Thy Kingdom Come
  • Thy Kingdom Come
  • Thy Kingdom Come
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  1. Because He Died I Live
  2. I Need You
  3. Song Of The Redeemed
  4. Thy Kingdom Come
  5. By The Blood Of The Lamb
  6. When I Speak Your Name
  7. If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It
  8. In Desperate Pursuit
  9. You Are Good
  10. Riches In The Soil
  11. It Had To Be You
  12. Wherever You Are (Unplugged-Live in Studio)
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He Reigns
  • He Reigns
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  1. He Reigns
  2. Song Of Thanksgiving
  3. Nothing Less Than Amazing
  4. He's Brought Me This Far
  5. Greater Than The Greatest
  6. Nothing Else Will Matter
  7. Supernatural Gift
  8. Still Plannin' On Goin'
  9. He's Brought Me This Far 10.The Love Song
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I'll Be Praisin' You
  • I'll Be Praisin' You
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1. Greatly To Be Praised
2. You Complete Me
3. Be Thou Exalted
4. Be Born In Me Again
5. I Surrender All
6. You Are My Portion
7. Ain't Nobody Like Him
8. He's Got It All In Control
9. You Are My World
10. To Be Broken
11. I'll Be Praising You
12. Highest Praise
13. Teach Me To Wait
14. Our Prayer 

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Fresh Anointing
  • Fresh Anointing
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1. In Your Name
2. Lift Him A Little Bit Higher
3. Fresh Anointing
4. Mighty Good
5. We Will Worship (Awesome God)
6. Matchless Name
7. Revival Time
8. Breath Of Heaven
9. Best Friend
10. Not Turnin' Around
11. Back To You

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Pressin' On
  • Pressin' On
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  1. Psalm 23
  2. I Am Blessed
  3. I Love To Worship You
  4. Jesus, The Mention Of Your Name
  5. All I Have
  6. Jesus Knows Me
  7. The Lifter Of My Head
  8. Wherever You Are
  9. Pressin' On
  10. Sweet Rose Of Sharon
  11. Everywhere I Go
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Run To Win
  • Run To Win
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1.Ain't No Devil In Hell Gonna Walk On The Jesus In Me
2.Run To Win
3.Take These Burdens
4.Address Change Notification
5.You Can't Hurry God
6.It's So Nice To Get To Know You
7.Power Of Praise
8.You Came To Me
9.If It's All Right With You
10.You Shelter Me. This CD is out of stock, but MP3s can be downloaded fron our MP3 Download section.

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