From the recording Thy Kingdom Come

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My righteousness is as filthy rags
But by His blood I am made new again
My punishment was taken on Calvary
I'm a love slave yet I have been made free

I've put on His righteousness
I've been made worthy
My soul's been spoken for
I have found favor
Now I wear the name
That is higher than any other
Sin is conquered death defeated
I've overcome by the blood of the Lamb

A prisoner to sin so lost was I
But now I am joint heir with Jesus Christ
No longer slave to sin now I'm royalty
I've a new name a new mind a new destiny

Death where is your sting
Oh oh grave where is your victory
The Perfect One has intervened
You have no hold on me
The Lamb was slain
So I could live
Taken for my freedom
Bled died and rose
Now He lives in me
Yeah (4 x's)