1. I Need You

From the recording Thy Kingdom Come

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Striving for perfection
Is a daily struggle
Being carnal man the straight and narrow
Is not what I would choose
Any righteous thing I've done
Or any good in me is only by You
As there is no ocean without the rain
No day without the light
I need You to survive

I need You
I want You
It's only by You
I live and move and have my being
I'm not ashamed to say
You are my only strength Lord
Every breath comes from You
I need You or I don't need anything

That I might walk humbly
Before You this I pray
And be careful to see Your hand
In all success or gains
When I rise it's You that's lifting me
And when I fall it's You still reaching
I could do without a lot of things
But without the breath of life
I could never survive

To say that I could live without You
Would be to say
That I could live without breath without water
My identity is You
I wouldn't have it any other way