From the recording Thy Kingdom Come

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I owed a debt I could not pay
For my wrong to be made right
Demanding perfect sacrifice
Nothing but the blood of Jesus Christ
So my Savior became sin
Exchanging glory for gruesome death
For the joy set before Him
The war was won with His final breath

Grave where is your victory
Death where is your sting
Hell has been defeated
Conquered by the King
He was wounded I'm redeemed
He's alive I'm free ya
Because He died I live
Because He died I live

Bruised and broken for all disease
Bearing thorns for my wicked thoughts
Who am I that I should live
Now my only righteousness is His
He was mocked I am to blame
From the fall of Adam to this day
Who would love to death but Him
My Saviour Jesus Christ my King

From the foundation of the world
The Lamb was slain and He chose that we should be holy
And blameless in love
The keys to death hell and the grave
Are in His hand
He is alive today
So I can live again